Mixed Colours pack of 25 glowsticks Bright and Long Lasting 6” 15mmMixed Colours pack of 25 glowsticks Long Lasting Bright colours and connectors included 22” 6mm
Party Packages

250 x Glowsticks & 250 x Glow Necklaces. Premium Quality


  • Mixed Colours
  • Box of 250 Glowsticks 6″ 15mm
  • Box of 250 Glow Necklaces 22″ with connector
  • Fully UK Certified

Bulk packaged in 2 x boxes of 250, You will receive a range of colours including: Green, White, Purple, Red, Orange, Aqua, Blue, Yellow and Pink..

  • The ‘classic’ Glowstick. Our 6″ premium Glowsticks are 15mm thick and provide an ultra-bright, long lasting glow
  • The Glow Necklaces are 22″ long and each one comes with a connector.
  • Bulk packaged.


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