Glow Sticks & Glow Necklaces for Guy Fawkes

In the UK every year on November the 5th we celebrate guy fawkes night with a combination of fireworks and bonfires. This is an event practically all ages take part in with a lot of health and safety issues for people of all ages

Keep the young safe and happy by supplying them with either glow sticks & glow necklaces or a combination of both in place of the sparklers, glow products can also be taken indoors without the fear of fires or accidents

If you are hosting a fireworks display for young children there is nothing safer than giving the children glow sticks whilst the grownups control the fireworks

You can also give the children some glow sticks to take home with them to keep the guy fawkes night more memorable

Glow sticks before and after guy fawkes can also help avoid children using sparklers or other forms of fireworks unaccompanied. Some examples at school during breaks and lunch times or after school or at the weekends at the parks

Our glow products packages for Guy Fawkes so you can get acombination of all products and all colours

Hosting the Guy Fawkes event fireworks bonfire or both the package is perfect for 50 to 200 persons

Going to Guy Fawkes event this package is great for 10 to 20 persons