Why Glow Sticks should be taken seriously. Some benefits and uses.  

Glow Sticks are an attractive addition, which should be added to every camping and survival kit and even first aid kits. You could also keep some at home and in the car as an additional light source.

Glow sticks are an excellent alternative to battery powered light sources like torches and lamps as they supply a light source for 12 hours

Torches and mobile phones can only last for a few hours before the batteries need changing or recharging so in any situation where there is no power, glow sticks are perfect, as they can supply the light which also frees up the mobile phone from being used as a torch.







Glow Products for Christmas & New Year

Glow sticks & necklaces are great Christmas stocking fillers. They can also be included in Christmas and New Year party bags and can even be used to decorate the house or tree inside or outside. Glow products work.

Light up the Christmas and New Year parties by using glow sticks and necklaces In various ways house parties or public festive glow sticks and necklaces brighten up the evening

Clubs and bars can also use glow products as decorations and also make some glow sticks and necklaces available to the customers to light up the night even more.

Glow sticks and necklaces come in many colours and tri colours

Quality Glow Sticks for Camping & Survival Kits

 Available in multiple colours and quantities new generation glow sticks are also non toxic

Glow sticks should be taken seriously and be a must have add on necessity for camping trips & survival packages

It is also a good option for households to have some glow sticks as backups to use when there is a power failure of any sort at their property another benefit of using glow sticks in this scenario is you are able to deploy multiple glow sticks if required where they are required and or supply each persons with their own glow stick

Glow Sticks are a great alternative to the common torch which is battery powered and backup generators which are fuel powered as Glow Sticks do not require any batteries and can provide a continues source of light for 12 to 15 hours   



Party Glow Sticks & Necklaces

Glow products such as glow sticks and glow necklaces are the new trend for the party environment these days, from clubs to events or bars. At Glowproduct.co.uk we understand this and have the cheapest prices and created special packages for these occasions.

Small to medium parties requiring glow sticks or glow necklaces can benefit from our customised packages and prices

Large parties such as clubs and bars or events who are searching for cheap glow sticks and cheap glow necklaces can also benefit. Contact us direct for cheap glow sticks bulk and cheap glow necklaces bulk prices we can also arrange mixed colours and customise the packages for you.


Halloween Glow Sticks & Necklaces

Light up the night on Halloween with Glow Sticks and Glow Necklaces

Hosting or going to Halloween parties, glow sticks and glow necklaces are an ideal option for outdoors and indoors and are child friendly.

Glow sticks and glow necklaces are an excellent addition to the trick or treat bags on the night of Halloween

We put together some Halloween glow products packages so you can get a combination of all products and all colours

Hosting the Halloween parties package great for parties with 50 to 200 persons

Trick or treat bags package ideal for 100 persons 2 glow products per bag

Going to the party package for 10 to 20 persons

Glow Sticks & Glow Necklaces for Guy Fawkes

In the UK every year on November the 5th we celebrate guy fawkes night with a combination of fireworks and bonfires. This is an event practically all ages take part in with a lot of health and safety issues for people of all ages

Keep the young safe and happy by supplying them with either glow sticks & glow necklaces or a combination of both in place of the sparklers, glow products can also be taken indoors without the fear of fires or accidents

If you are hosting a fireworks display for young children there is nothing safer than giving the children glow sticks whilst the grownups control the fireworks

You can also give the children some glow sticks to take home with them to keep the guy fawkes night more memorable

Glow sticks before and after guy fawkes can also help avoid children using sparklers or other forms of fireworks unaccompanied. Some examples at school during breaks and lunch times or after school or at the weekends at the parks

Our glow products packages for Guy Fawkes so you can get acombination of all products and all colours

Hosting the Guy Fawkes event fireworks bonfire or both the package is perfect for 50 to 200 persons

Going to Guy Fawkes event this package is great for 10 to 20 persons